We don’t like to see that so many people are struggling with money. It makes us feel upset that there are often things that can be done to help people that are struggling with money that will help them to be able to improve their situation but they are just not aware of them. This led us to putting together this website. We hope that the information on the website will be able to help people think more about their money and whether there are any changes that they can make which will enable them to improve their situation. There are lots of potential things that people can do to change their actions so that they have more money. It is not just about trying to earn more either but there are things that we can do with regards to spending, borrowing and saving which could be helpful as well. We have therefore tried to put together a selection of articles which we hope contain enough information for people to be able to make improvements to their situation which will help them to be able to change things and feel much more in control of their money. Making sure that you are making the right decisions, are aware of where you money is going and that you are not paying too much for things can be enough to get you going and feeling in control.